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BigBen wins the blaisbattle 2018

Blaisbattle 2018

This year’s Blaisbattle was as usual phenomenal, thanks to the collaboration of multiple communities such as De Stroate, Harde Velden, Root Division, III Mindz Crew, Joinded Forces, Phatmark Collective and Minus One, who worked together to make this a spectacle and it sure was.
One of the cool things, was that the battles took place on a chess board! Not literally a chess board, the ground was painted in black and white squares making it a live chess board. This undoubtedly got some people’s attention as well.
The battles were organized in different categories, as there are many different forms of skills and as a bonus there also was a live Graffiti workshop.
– Freestyle rap battle, Judges ; Rijm Tekkie, Spans Man, Don Jefe, Nupstr
– Beatbox battle, Judges; Farrox, DB, Supernova
– 3 vs 3 BBoy Battle, Judges; Simy, Titris, Tirock

We’re going to address the beatbox battle specifically, with our winner Big Ben, who had a tough final battle against Dawood with the second place title.
The eliminations were min 1:30 and included 13 beatboxers with 8 of them going to the ¼ finals.
– Dawood
– Stan
– Bassblast
– G-Wizz
– Stebeats
– Apex
– Skill@ttack
– Q-Box
– Vaaibz
– Qkey
– Kakarotto
– Big Ben

The first battle was Dawood and I. I was defeated. The second quarter-final battle was Big ben vs Apex and Big ben won. The third quarter final was Stan vs Bassblast and Bassblast won and last but not least Q-box vs G-wizz, G-wizz won.
The first semi-final round was Big ben vs G-wizz, Big ben won. The second semi-final battle was Bassblast vs Dawood, Dawood won.
The Final battle: Big ben vs Dawood , Big ben won his last opponent claiming the first place title and a prize reward of 100 euros.

  • Written by Stefano a.k.a. stebeats

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