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The Home Of The Belgian Beatbox Family Since 2002

Nordic Beatbox Battle 2019


Our Judges

In Aarhus (DK), on Friday the 31st of May, 2019 the best beatboxers from around the world will compete head to head under supervision of 5 high profile judges:

Blady Kris (PL), K.I.M. (FR), Rawclaw (DK), RoxorLoops (BE) and Thorsen (DK).

“Big prizes for the winner!”

The winner of this battle will be rewarded with a spot in the Victory Royal Beatbox Battle, and will battle the winners of 15 other big competitions. In addition there will be cash prize money and hardware prizes for the top 4 (fx. microphones, loopstations…)
Victory Royal Beatbox Battle

Sign up, Wild Card and more info

The Nordic Beatbox Battle is part of the biggest a cappella festival in Europe. The city will be filled with beatboxers and singers. One of the headliners is the legendary Beardyman!


Send in a wild card video and get the chance to get qualified directly into the top 8 for the battle!

*Upload your video to YouTube and send us the link at:

* The video must be between 60-120s.

* Start the video by saying: “Hi, my name is … and I want to win the Nordic Beatbox Battle 2019 Wildcard”

* Deadline for wildcard submission is Sunday 12/05/2019 23h59 (CET)

Most Recent Wild Cards


The participants in the Nordic Beatbox Battle 2019 get free workshops the next day: Saturday, the 1st of June.

Beatbox Fundamentals by Blady Kris (PL):

Blady Kris puts the “work’ in workshops. In the age of YouTube and Google, new beatboxers tend to try out the most advanced techniques before they fully master the beatbox fundamentals. In this session you will work on the quality, the dynamics and the beauty of your basic sounds. This workshop is suitable for professionals and beginners and is praised for being the best workshop at the World Beatbox Camp.


Community Sounds by Rawclaw (DK):

Do you watch beatbox videos on YouTube and wonder how to do popular sounds like liprolls, inward bass, the tennis flop, double voice, hollow clop and so on? The Danish Beatbox Family’s father, Rawclaw, mastered them all and will teach them step by step in this workshop. He is two times Danish Champion and travels the world to events like Grand Beatbox Battle, World Beatbox Camp and many national and international battles, where he has learned all the community sounds from the main sources. He is known to have one of the worlds biggest sound libraries in his mouth. Don’t miss this workshop if you paid for liprolls.


The 5 Elements of Beatbox by K.I.M. (FR):

Beatboxing is more than just making sounds with your mouth. The Shadow Sumo who goes by the name of KIM is very active in the worldwide beatbox community. He takes part in many competitions as a participant, judge and organiser and he is the perfect teacher for teaching a great battle technique. What to do, what NOT to do and how to impress the judges. You will learn all about beatbox composition with special sounds and different snares. By the end of this workshop, you will be ready to enter a battle like a boss.

More info about Aarhus Vocal Festival 2019


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