The Home Of The Belgian Beatbox Family Since 2002
The Home Of The Belgian Beatbox Family Since 2002 beatbox battle 2019

Trough past years, we experienced this battle as the ‘shootout beatbox battle’, but now the name of the battle has been changed to ‘ beatbox battle’ because of the event name itself.

In previous editions of the battle, vokal total had a lot of legendary beatbox participants, think about Alexinho, Napom, B-art, Efaybee, Elisii… This year, the level will be incredibly high again. There will be a line-up of well known beatboxers=


  • Colaps (FR)
  • River (FR)
  • Zekka (ESP)
  • FootboxG (BEL)
  • Wunknown (USA)
  • Azel (ITA)
  • Elisii (CAN)
  • Cobli (ESP)


  • Reeps one (UK)
  • Napom (USA)
  • B-art (NL)
  • Zede (SWISS)
  • Ivory Parker (AUT)

The battle will take place at the ‘Dom Im Berg’ venue in Graz, Austria. , 19/07/19.

The Belgian beatbox family hopes to see you soon!

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Jul 16 - 19 2019


08:00 - 12:00

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Graz, Austria
Dom Im Berg


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