The Home Of The Belgian Beatbox Family Since 2002
The Home Of The Belgian Beatbox Family Since 2002

Belgian beatboxers enter a huge competition

The Grand Beatbox Battle returns soon! In 2019, the grand beatbox battle will take place in Warschau, Poland. Every beatboxer in the world had the opportunity to make a wildcard to enter in a category in GBB 2019. The international jury choosed 11 solo winners, 8 tagteam winners and 6 loopstation winners out of the +250 wildcards.

Belgium has won some wildcards in 2 different categorys! The Belgian wildcard winners are Bigben, FootboxG & Supernova. FootboxG won a wildcard in solo category. He became 4th place in the wildcard ranking and he qualified himself for the big upcoming tournament. Footboxg also won a wildcard in tagteam category together with supernova as middle school beatbox. Middle school ranked 7th place out of the 8 winners. Also Bigben won a wildcard with K.I.M. from france (shadow sumo). 

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