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The Home Of The Belgian Beatbox Family Since 2002


Beatbox for beginners


   Are you interested on beatboxing ? You really want to try it but you cannot even make a single beat ?

   No problem ! The Belgian Beatbox Family can help you with this tutorial to show you the way.

   First, you have to know that we have got a discord server where you can improve yourself with other learners like you who want to share their knowlegde.

   A special game has just been made on this discord to energize your will to learn. It’s social and fun with a ranking of all the players to know your progress as a beatboxer.

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If you are a real beginner without any skills, do not worry, because fortunately beatbox is only work, the talent is secondary. The only thing that you have to do is to work the basics. Have you already heard the sentence ” boot’s and cats ” ? that’s exactly that. Just kick out the vowels and train to make the same sound as drums. Try to be on a regular tempo.

Now try to make your beat a bit more complex by varying the rhythm.

Be carefull of the most important thing, your sounds have to be and stay clean. The only way for it is repetition.

Well done ! You are now Innitiated as real beginner beatboxer.

  • Here is an example of want kind of sound you have first.
  • Never forget, try to always be on the tempo that you choosed.
  • Tips : make a metronom with your hand or head or foot, just feel the regular tempo.
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