The Belgian Beatbox Championships 2018

For the people that want to support the family

For beatboxers that want to sign up

Ladies and gentlemen… It’s showtime! We are proud to present the 8th edition of the Official Belgian Beatbox Championships.
On the 25th of March 2018 the best beatboxers from Belgium will compete in ‘De Centrale’, Ghent.
Through an elimination round our international jury will pick the top eight beatboxers who will proceed to battle each other until only one is left standing. This person will be crowned the new Belgian Champion of 2018 and will represent Belgium at the Beatbox Battle World Championship 2018 in Berlin.
This year we will have different categories: Solo (male), Solo (female), Teams and Loopstation and the winner(s) from each category will representBelgium at the Beatbox Battle World Championship 2018.

Beatboxing…. you have probably heard about it. It’s the art of producing sounds, music and rhythmical beats using only the mouth. Maybe you have even tried it a bit, for example whilst taking a shower. The difference here is that the contestants have trained and practiced for years to compete at the highest level. The contestants will show their skills while being judged by a professional jury who look for rhythm, style, technique, musicality, stage presence and originality.

This year we are extremely lucky to be able to welcome an amazing lineup of judges. All of our judges are top international beatboxers who, with their display of impressive beatbox skills,
have proven to be masters of their trade.

It is our honour to present to you:

►CHAMPION – French Beatbox Championships (2015)
►Top 8 – Beatbox Battle World Championships (2015)
►CHAMPION – Beatbox Shootout, Austria Battle (2015)
►CHAMPION – Fricaworld, Belgium Battle (2015)
►CHAMPION – Grand Beatbox Battle, Seven to Smoke (2014, 2016, 2017)
►TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS – French Beatbox Championships (2016)

►CHAMPION – German Beatbox Championships (2011, 2012)
►CHAMPION – Emperor of the Mic (2013)
►TOP 4 – Beatbox Battle World Championships (2015)

►CHAMPION – Dutch beatbox Championships (2010,2017)
► 3rd – Grand Beatbox Battle Loopstations
► Top 4 – Holland’s got talent

For the people that want to support the family

For beatboxers that want to sign up

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